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    Shelter Assistance Program

We provide financial assistance to the shelter residents of DeKalb Animal Shelter to allow their adoption rates to be more affordable. This in turn helps each pet to spend the least amount of time in the shelter as possible. We currently sponsor 2 cats and 2 dogs per month at a reduced adoption cost. These savings go directly to the new adoptive family. 

          Spay/Neuter Community

                Voucher Program

We have partnered with several animal clinics to subsidize the spay/neuter costs of cats and dogs belonging to DeKalb County residents with financial need. Currently, we are able to offer vouchers to pay 50% of the spay/neuter fee for ten domestic animals each quarter.


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    TNR- Trap, Neuter, Return Program

Cats in the TNR Program MUST go to the Joy Clinic in Lebanon. Cats are spayed/neutered and given a rabies vaccine. Surgeries are ONLY done on Mondays with a maximum of 2 cats per household. We will work with you to trap and transport cats. You MUST be willing to transport cats post surgery. Cats must be picked up at 4:00 PM. If you are late they will charge a late fee of $20.00. The Friends Of DeKalb will NOT be responsible for the late fee.

If you have questions please email us.

Feral Cat Program

We allot funds each year for an ongoing Trap and Release program for feral (wild) cats. We have them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and released back into the environment they were trapped in. This program helps make a difference in the booming feral cat population in our community. Cats are very efficient reproducers so a small stray population may become overwhelming in a matter of a year. Each cat and kitten we can get altered greatly reduces the number of future community cats. 

                  Food Pantry

We host a pet food pantry the third Friday of the month 9 am - 11 am for members in our community that may need assistance keeping food for their pets. Our only requirement is that we only serve residents of DeKalb County at this time. We hope to be able to help others in the future.

If you would like to donate and help support this program, we accept food donations at DeKalb Animal Shelter.

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