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Looking for a way to get involved?  Check out details about our different opportunities below. Whether you’re looking to volunteer weekly, help with special events, or just find out where you can help the most, your time will be highly appreciated. 

Volunteer at the Shelter

Daily socializing, shelter maintenance, photography, basic training, and more! We can find the perfect fit for you to volunteer in person at the animal shelter.

Fundraising Opportunities

Every little bit counts! If you have a knack for helping out but physically going to the shelter doesn't check the boxes, this may be for you! We host an annual fundraiser and have other events throughout the year. See our Events page to see our upcoming fundraising events. 

Financial Support

Our programs are funded through our organization's fundraising events and donations received from a very generous community. As we are 100% volunteer based. All monies go directly to the needs of our local animals. 

If you would like to help our initiatives continue to stay funded, please consider making a one-time or re-occurring donation to The Friends Of DeKalb Animal Shelter.

Something For Everyone

Get Involved

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